Advantages Of Long-Acting Contraceptives

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Long acting contraceptives methods are best pregnancy prevention and spacing options. These methods are harmless, efficient, cheap, and reversible, require no follow up visits, and have much better performance rates than other hormonal methods. They need little attention after insertion and prevent pregnancy for an extended period. These long acting contraceptives methods include the Intra-Uterine Devices (IUCD) and the progestogen implant. The IUCD and progestogen implant are reversible, therefore they are name as long-acting reversible contraceptives (Gebremichael et al., 2014). The implants and the IUS are progestogen-only methods once inserted; they provide protection from pregnancy between 3-5 years and require no further action from…show more content…
Studies have shown that between 50% and 60% of young women have never heard of the IUD while over 90% have no knowledge about implants(Stanwood & Bradley, 2006). Many young women have false belief that long acting reversible contraceptives are not suitable for them and they cause infection and infertility if they use them because of young age(Spies, Askelson, Gelman, & Losch, 2010).
Key Words Knowledge, Attitude, Beliefs, Long acting reversible contraceptives

Significance of study
This study is important for the community people because long acting reversible contraceptives require no follow up these methods minimize the economic burden and save time of the people. Long acting reversible contraceptives improves maternal health by providing space in pregnancies and reduces maternal death. So to have the knowledge and positive attitude and beliefs is important that leads to a decision to adapt the contraceptive of choice because maternal mortality rate directly affected by the contraceptive method of choice. This study assesses how much knowledge and what kind of attitude and beliefs women have regarding these methods. If they do not have knowledge, positive attitude and beliefs about long acting reversible contraceptives I will give health
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In Pakistan, the uptake rate for the intrauterine device (IUD) is very low at 2.5% and for implant it is 0.0%. The most popular modern contraceptive methods in Pakistan are female sterilization (Azmat at el,2013). Implants and IUCD are the most efficient and harmless methods but their uses are low (Trussell ,2011).
In Pakistan because use of IUCD and implants are low and no study is conducted in this issue. So I want to assess the knowledge, attitude and beliefs about long acting reversible contraceptives among married women of rural area in Pakistan to eliminate their misinformation and misconception related to the use of long acting reversible contraceptives.
To increase use of the most efficient methods for contraception, nurse practitioners must provide thorough education to women. Fear of a method can be a leading cause of method rejection. Choice of contraception method is up to the patient, but it is our responsibility to provide the information required to make the choice knowledgeable (Freeman,
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