Case Study: Loyalty Is The New King Loylap

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‘Loyalty is the new King’- Loylap paves the way

-Krishanu Sharma, M.Sc. Digital Marketing, UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School

“If you are looking for a new customer for every new sale, soon the pool is going to go empty”.
Repeat sales are now an unavoidable aspect of SME’s and even big companies. Customers are hard to find by, and hence important to retain. Such is the philosophy of Patrick Garry and Connor O’ Toole, who have taken the initiative to provide with the available technological tools that make possible for the companies to understand their customer landscape, and design customized loyalty programs for them.
Every business model has a competitor today, and it is important to retain your customers and prevent them from
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Revolutionizing the technology of QR codes, Loylap enables small and medium sized businesses to connect to their customers on a better engagement level. It enables an omni-channel marketing strategy as a reward mechanism for the brands, as well as offers an increase in repeat purchases by smartly tapping on the financial benefits for the consumers. Businesses that need to stabilize their position in their marketplace, need a loyalty system.
There are variety of loyalty systems that Loylap uses:
Cash Back Loyalty System
Loylap enables businesses to give back a percentage to your customers in the form of credit for your business. This enables businesses to compete at price wars in the market among their competitors, and users a reason to stay with the brand.
Loyalty Tiers
Businesses can incentivize their customers to come more often by creating a tiered loyalty system. Up to 4 different tiers can be created, and can be named as per the brand wishes. Loylap uses their existing loyalty data analytics engines to assess where the ideal cut offs for each tier will be placed, ensuring maximum effectiveness for the business system.
Stamp Loyalty
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With LoyLap Upfront, customers can now top up their balance for your business through the app, rewarding them with a top up bonus for doing so.
Social Rewards
How can return on investment in social media campaigns be monitored? If we come to think about it, a business can spend hundreds of euro a month to increase ‘likes’ or ‘follows’, but will never really know what effect that has on actual spending in their business. Interestingly, we all talk about ‘Conversion’ being an important aspect in Digital Marketing, but what is conversion? Is it when a person likes a post or a page, or when he/she comments, or refers your page to anyone, or gets to your website, or buys your product? Clearly, the demarcation line differs from business model, and operational preferences.
A company’s social media results should be clearly laid out so you can see the effects, and can subsequently understand where your marketing budget should be spent. Loylap has teamed up with Popdeem, to enable businesses monitor their social media
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