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In this post I am going to bring to light a few lucid dreaming facts that are not only interesting, but it will also tell you why this skill is a great advantage for someone interested in personal development.
Some of the best lucid dreaming books I ever read, put personal development before all other lucid dreaming benefits and a person who has gained a lot of experience in conscious dreaming always get to learn that lucid dreams can become a great tool for one’s improvement in myriad of ways.
The initial craze of fulfilling various desires in dreams gradually fades away with time and one begins to realize that he/she can use his conscious dreams for greater purposes.
1 – Dreams Are Very Much Similar to the Reality
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All our actions are controlled by our mind, so practicing your skills in your dreams actually makes you better at it.
Suppose you have to deliver a speech in front of an audience, you can practice giving that speech in your dreams in order to gain more confidence.
It takes practice and experience to dream what you want, but you will often find your dreams happening according to your intentions.
5 - Better Dream Interpretation
I have already discussed how you can get guidance in your dreams, but sometimes dreams do have meanings and by becoming a lucid dreamer you can decode the messages very easily.
Nightmares are often unresolved subconscious issues and in lucid dreams you can try to make sense of it rather than running away.
For example, in one dream I was being chased by a bully from my school, he was having a steal rod in his hand to beat me with and I suddenly fell off from the third floor of the building landing smoothly on the ground as if I had wings, that made me to become lucid. Next, I turned around and asked him “Why?”, all of a sudden he vanished and I had an epiphany that it’s time to do a very important task that I have been procrastinating since I was afraid of
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