Advantages Of Malaysian Education

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In Malaysia, the government has the responsibility to provide the education to all the Malaysian. The Malaysian education system contribute the free pre-tertiary education from primary school to secondary school to people who need to take 11 years to complete it. Malaysia government also provide the opportunity to those students who completed the secondary education to pursue 1 to 2 years of free post-secondary education which is the university entrance preparatory course. Expenditure of government on education not only in provides the building physical assets and the teaching materials and equipments. Expenditure of government increase year by year is aim to enable the people to retain their benefit on education and distribute higher quality of education for the people. Expenditure of government on education divide into different education programs to ensure provide the benefits for students in different categories. The education programs that government support and provide shown as following:
1. The National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN)
PTPTN was set up by the government Malaysia to help the students to continue their studies to a higher level without increase their family’s burden. PTPTN loan help the students to pay their studies fees and aid in their cost of living. Many students enjoy the advantage that brought by the PTPTN loan. This is because PTPTN loans are subsidized in low or no interest rates in grounds of encouraging qualified students to further
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