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Sharing content and building a network of contacts are the principles behind social medium. Social media like blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and YouTube are currently very popular among the Internet users. Though there is lack of studies that focus on the impact on your brand and measures of social medium. The literature on how to and what measures to use for considering social media for maintaining your personal trademark. Single difficult challenges for people in a distributed organization are maintaining an image of itself completely. The paper describes an attempt to investigate what are the ways to measure social media and how it is helpful to maintain
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Social networks on the web are like contained versions of the extensive blog set of connections. People amalgamating in a social network usually create a profile and then construct a network by connecting to friends and contacts in the network or by inviting real world contacts and friends to join the social set of relations. These societies retain the interest of their members by being useful to them and providing services that are entertaining or help them to expand their set of connections.
Thus how infinite a deal is social media?
Towards giving you an idea of the numbers when this paper was last updated there exist
Up to 65 million users on YouTube at the beginning of the year an estimated 100 million videos a day being watched on video sharing website More than 128 million users on social network i.e. Facebook
More than 112 million blogs being tracked by Technorati 1 - a specialist blog search engine. How social media shock your place of
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To measure the success of your social activity ensure you set clear objectives and realistic goals to aim for as well as understanding why each is being called as a success gauge. It may be reaching a certain number of new followers lead conversions retweets and so on. But you’re hitting these then you will know your social activity is working and if you are not look at where you are focusing your hard work. Maintain approaching yourself by gradually making these objectives harder to achieve and as your social media skills increase so will your business accomplishment. Single easy measure to employ is where we were able to start this conversation that lead to the sale and what the process from there
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