Expert Systems In Health Care

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In medicine Expert Systems can be applied different area. Medical expert systems were initially developed for academic areas and later for clinical purposes. Health care systems produce information in different area such as patient, demographic, clinical and billing data which are prone to analysis by intelligent software which need new techniques and extract new knowledge. Medical expert systems tools are available and can function as intelligent assistants to clinicians by helping in diagnostic processes, make some laboratory analysis, suggest a reliable treatment protocol, and also teaching of medical students and residents as well.
Once the patient data collected, the diagnose is based on the stored medical knowledge. The data
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To provide notifications to the doctor about the patient not be able to reach the minimum criteria for some of the diseases and suggests a new evaluation for patient.
5. To be able to suggests to send the patient to a specialist if necessary.
The system be able to establish diagnoses or hypotheses of diagnoses and proper plans for taking other examinations and finally having patient treatment. In case there are signs, symptoms or laboratory data the system will be able to indicate those.
Expert systems can have two approaches for a solution: The first one is Data driven approach where by existing facts matched to rules and suggest some conclusions according to the matching rules and the second one is Goal driven approach that check whether that rule can be caused by the known facts from the conclusions given by the system.
Some well known examples of expert systems in diagnostics are:
The DENDRAL project.
One of the earliest expert system is the DENDRAL system, created in mid1960s . It's main use was to find the exact molecular structure of a complex compound, which is a very difficult problem. human experts use their past experience and creativity combined with data obtained from spectrographic patterns to guess that
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"Diabetic retinopathy is a micro-vascular complication caused by diabetes which can lead to blindness. In early stages of diabetic retinopathy typically there are no visible signs but the number and severity of abnormalities increase during the time. It is very chronic disease for diabetic patients that leads to them to blindness. So for detecting Retinopathy in diabetic patients in early days of diabetes it can curable. In these Retinopathy many image processing algorithms were used, like Pre-processing, Localization and Segmentation of Optic disk, Segmentation of retinal vasculature, Localization of macula and fovea, Localization and Segmentation of
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