Medical Imaging Essay

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Chapter 1
In medical science, imaging technology plays an important role in the diagnosis of the disease . It helps the doctor to see the interior part or portion of the body with ease which results in easy diagnosis i.e. doctor can make effective surgeries which is crucial for the diagnosis of disease and doctor can look inside easily without opening or closing too much part of the body. In the medical imaging there are different kind of alternates through which images are taken and that are and images are taken with the help of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), CT- scanners , X-Ray imaging, Endoscopy etc. We take the advantages of these medical imaging techniques in order to detect the abnormalities and the diseases. In the all above mentioned medical imaging techniques the X-Ray imaging techniques is the oldest technique which was invented in 1895, and after that digital imaging techniques are introduced. For the digital imaging CT-scanner and other means are used which gives the real time X-Ray image on the monitor and this technique is very well known as fluoroscopy. Now a days it has become the most rapidly growing technology with its applications in almost every field such as Biology, Astronomy, Medicine, Security, Biometrics, Satellite imagery and many more. It
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In recent years, CT and MR imaging are the most widely used techniques, because of their widespread availability and their ability to produce high resolution images of normal anatomic structures and pathological tissues. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a method used to visualize pathological or other physiological alterations of living tissues and is commonly used for brain tumor imaging because of the following
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