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In view of the report in 2009; it has been laid down that judges should be diverse, from various backgrounds and life experiences to have different point of views on various legal issues. UK’s current system is the evolution product of 1,000 years and is still changing to meet the needs of the society. Although UK”s current judicial appointment is supported, several people believe that that change should be brought, current judges are selected solely on the basis of “merit”. Some argues that the system consists of white males with similar backgrounds. One would definitely mention about the 2012 case; that of the controversial selection of Jonathan Sumption to sit in the Supreme Court. Mr Sumption is known to be a member of JAC and a wealthy male from Eton and Oxford. One would wonder,” what merit is based on?”. Is it the most clever one , the brilliant one or rather the one who would be beneficial to the system “.
For years many have spoken in favor of diversity in judiciary; one of the most renowned supporter is Lord Justice Etherton.The JAC is responsible for recommending candidates for judicial
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A judge has to maintain a good reputation, and conduct. For example in 2009 District Judge Margaret Short was removed for inappropriate behavior in regard to one incident. One could also mention about the Circuit Judge Bruce camphell who was removed after being found guilty of smuggling tobacco and alcohol into England. A judge should have enough experiences to help him or her to be able to hear a case; these can include teaching which mean staying in contact with law school, publications or other professional activities.
The two previous paragraphs have sum up some of the qualities needed in a judge, there are also other qualities that one can definitely consider such as intelligence, legal ability; communicate effectively their judgment which have been reached by applying the facts and legal principles to the

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