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A microarray is typically a glass slide over which DNA molecules are placed in an orderly manner to specific c locations called spots. It monitors genome wide expression levels of genes in a given organism. It contain thousand of spots and each spot may contain million copies of identical DNA molecules. The DNA in a spot may either be genomic DNA or short stretch of olio-nucleotide strands that correspond to a gene. This process start with the lying the cell in order to isolate mRNA, which is then converted into cDNA, and is then spotted with multiple identical strands of DNA over the microarray plate, each spot representing one gene. It uses hybridization to detect a specific DNA or RNA in a sample. The sample spot are 200
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Provide easy access to high-quality data in a standard format
2. Facilitate the sharing of technical platforms, specifically microarrays designs and experimental protocols.

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It is a public repository for a wide range of high-throughput experimental data , next-generation sequencing and freely distributes microarray data . The genomic data submitted by the scientific community. It has a collection of web- based interfaces and applications are available to help users query and download the studies and gene expression patterns stored in GEO.
The common features are the high-throughput and parallel molecular abundance-measuring technologies.
These include data generated from high-throughput sequence technologies, for example:

• Gene expression profiling by microarray or next-generation sequencing.
• Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) profiling by microarray or next-generation sequencing.
• Non-coding RNA profiling by microarray or next-generation sequencing..
• Genome variation profiling by array (array CGH)
• Serial Analysis of Gene Expression (SAGE)
• SNP arrays
• Genome methylation profiling by microarray or next-generation sequencing
• Protein

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