Advantages Of Microprocessor Systems

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Microprocessor Systems Assignment-1 Outcome:1.1 Question 1: The address bus of a microprocessor based system has 16 address lines. How many different locations can be accessed with this address bus? ANSWER: A microprocessor based system with 16 address lines has exactly 65,536 memory locations. The different memory locations from this address bus are address locations 0000 to FFFF. Question 2: What does the abbreviation ASCII stand for? What is its use? ANSWER: ASCII means American Code for Information Exchange. It is a type of code for data transmission that is alphabet based and it was developed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). ASCII translates letters (a-z, A-Z), numbers (0-9), characters and…show more content…
ANSWER: 1. The first advantage of Von Neumann`s architecture compared to Harvard architecture is that the development of the control unit is cheaper and faster as there is only a need for a single bus. 2. The second advantage is that the programmer is responsible for organizing the content of the memory and therefore it is possible to fully utilize the whole capacity of the installed memory. Question 4: State 2 advantages of Harvard architecture compared to Von Neumann`s architecture. ANSWER: 1) The first and perhaps greatest advantage of Harvard Architecture when compared to Von Neumann`s architecture is that it uses two memories with 2 buses that allows simultaneous access to data and instructions. Having a dedicated bus for the data and instruction memory eliminates the “Bottle Neck” that occurs in the Von Neumann`s architecture. 2) The second advantage is that the program in the Harvard Architecture can`t rewrite itself and therefore prevent the program execution from crashing. Question…show more content…
Versatility of the MC68HC11 is limited due to its instruction set which contains 209 instructions. This constraint can be minimized if the manufacturers expands their instruction set to accommodate more functions. Outcome: 1.2 Question 7: Suggest 3 other applications for microcontrollers3 other applications of microcontrollers: 1. Simple Robots 2. Proximity Sensors 3. Automated Gate Opener For your suggestions, do you think that the 68HC11 is a good candidate to be the microcontroller? Justify your answer For the suggestions that I have given, I do not think the 68HC11 would be the proper microcontroller for the following reasons: 1. Economical reasons. Although the 68HC11 is one of the most common microcontroller that can easily be found in the market, it has a higher cost compared to its competitors. Retail price of 68HC11 is at S$12.84 while the Intel 8051 retails at S$5.30. 2. Speed. With a clock rate of only 16MHz, it is considerably slower when compared to the Intel 8051 which can have a clock rate of up to 40MHz. Given this reasons, it is obvious that the suitable microcontroller would be the Intel 8051. It is not only cheaper compared to the 68HC11 but it outperforms it as

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