Advantages Of Mobile Learning

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I. INTRODUCTION II. WHAT IS M-LEARNING OR MOBILE LEARNING III. BACKGROUND TO TOPIC IV. EFFECTS TO THE PEOPLE • ADVANTAGES • OUTCOME V. CONCLUSION I. INTRODUCTON The aim of this essay is to fully understand the concept and useful of MOBILE LEARNING to the people who use it to learn through their own mobile phones to educate on how the technology can be helpful in learning the programs or getting the knowledge about the subject of their interest at anytime anywhere they are located with the help of their own devices such as Smart phones and the application that are installed on their own smart phones and mobile phones. II. WHAT IS M-LEARNING OR MOBILE LEARNING M-learning or Mobile learning is all about context and self study. Using mobile phones with wireless connection or mobile connection, we can learn through searching. III. BACKGROUND TO TOPIC In this modern era now that we are facing, we cannot control the growth of technology and it’s getting wider and easier to us for everything. Generation of young people who have grown with digital technology have high expectation of anytime, anywhere learning. Dr. Mike Short stated that “Three hundred years ago, we were all mobile learners – we learned in the spaces where the skills needed to be practiced… with mobile devices we will go back to blended learning… In three years time, everyone will be a mobile learner. By 2013 every person on the planet will have a mobile phone. These are not just a phones, these are computers

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