Advantages Of Mobility And Portability Of Mobile Communication

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Mobility and portability
These are two important feature of mobile communication. Mobility is defined as the ability for users to communicate anytime, anywhere and with anyone. Portability is defined as the feature that allows devices to be connected anytime and anywhere to the network. These two features form the back one to using mobile communication systems.

Mobile communication allows users to stay connected continuously with less lag or downtime thereby reducing the effect of device movement on the communication. User to user communication is made possible and also individual needs are catered to. Even with limited device design, power consumption, processing capability, mobile communication enables effective communication. Some commonly
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Cell phones are used for a lot of different purposes ranging from making calls to video conferencing to sending text and data messages and social networking. Mobile communication technology is growing by the day with updates to the hardware and software in use. This section discusses in detail the advantages offered by mobile communication systems.

a) Mobility
As discussed earlier mobility is the feature of a mobile communication unit being carried around and functioning as expected. For example, your very own smart phone is a mobile unit that can perform a large number of functions on the go. With mobile communication and wireless network technologies, users are now able to enjoy communication benefits with enhanced features.

b) Flexibility
An AM radio broadcasting system can accommodate any number of receivers for an analog based communication system. For example, n number of users can tune into a radio station and be able to listen to the audio. Wireless is not further off from providing this facility. For example, if we consider a wireless router in a home network, about 254 devices can be connected simultaneously to it. In a two-way digital cell phone communication system, about 56 people can be talking on their cell phone at a time within a particular
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Contacting family members, friends or an emergency authority in the time of dire need is made possible eighth cell phones. In built GPS systems in cell phones enables tracking the location of a person which helped authorities to find a location if needed.
b) Information sharing
This is by far the most used application in a cell phone. Communication via voice calls, SMS, chatting, social media, etc. has taken the world by storm as to how easily people can communicate even if they are different ends of the world.
c) Time saving
Cell phone communication has by far replaced paper and mail communication to a huge extent. With email communication on the go, huge business rely to a large extent on mobile communication to connect to their clients and others. Even universities use mobile phone communication to hand out notes, conduct online tests, etc. Booking tickets these days has never been easier. Online banking is another area that people prefer to carry out using their cell phones. Thus with the multitude of applications, cell phones have made people’s life so much easier in a time sensitive manner.

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