Advantages Of Modernization Theory

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This essay intends to address the limitations of the modernization theory by way of looking on the ancient development of the modernization theory, creating a comparative evaluation of the less economically advanced nations and greater economically evolved international locations. This assessment will highlight the variations and similarities between international locations that affect their improvement and modernization. The modernization idea is a concept this is used to give an explanation for the system a nation going through a transition from being a conventional society to a present day society. a number of social theorists along with Karl Marx, Walter Rostow and Samuel Huntington contributed to the improvement of the modernization principle.…show more content…
The primary attention of the theory has centered on ways wherein pre-contemporary, modern and put up- current societies thru methods of financial growth and trade in social, political, and cultural systems. Modernization idea claimed that Western capitalist values and practices are the premise for “modernizing” third global countries and supporting them come to be self-maintaining, though but, continents like Latin the united states have proven that following the modernization theory simplest widened the space among first and 0.33 international international locations, causing the 0.33 global countries to depend even greater upon the first international international locations for his or her survival. The developed international locations would make massive profits on the manufactured items made out of the uncooked substances consisting of gold and diamonds, whilst the developing international locations might make very low profits on materials exported. Capitalist societies attempted to modernize the 1/3 world countries through making them abandon their traditional ideals and latch directly to the brand new industrial, capitalist view; they did not don't forget the historic context in their development and wishes of that unique…show more content…
it's far consequently now not clean to categorize economies into neat categories as cautioned by using the Rostowian development concept. but, it have to also be liked that wars, war, herbal failures and pandemics may also force terrible countries to transport from side to side on their manner to development. The beyond devastating political battle in Zimbabwe and the ongoing battle in Libya and Sudan have robbed the international locations in their improvement gains. Modernization theory has shown quite a few backdrops both in theory and practice, as it assumes a top down approach to improvement and it emphasizes the attention of improvement in metropolitan facilities and the peripheral cities will advantage via a “trickle-down effect”. The modernization theory turned into a “one-length-fit all” which did now not think about the situations which existed in Europe and the usa all through their time of development and the conditions in third world nations existed in. The idea created a dependency and exploitation of the negative, the usage of the top down method. The modernization theory and the purpose why it is not applicable to 0.33 global international locations is that the theory is criticized for failing to remember the bad because the centerpiece in poverty reduction

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