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Why Modular Kitchen is the need of the hour? With changing times, changing technology even the designing of homes has completely evolved. Todays conceptualized and customized designs of homes offer the apartments an appealing yet comfortable ambience. Of all the spaces in a house a home maker or a house wife desires her kitchen to be well equipped and designed. After all it is the space of the house where she spends half her day or then quite some time. Modular kitchen have now become popular with high demands on having them customized as per the home makers choice. It’s like completely using computers from typewriters. Modular kitchen are designed and set up keeping in mind the size, shape and space present in the kitchen. The designer…show more content…
While getting a modular kitchen done, the owner should set specific place to keep them in the kitchen. Specially one has to make sure that these appliances are placed near electric sockets and switches so that one does not have to carry them here and there to use them. Pros and Cons One can differentiate between the old traditional ways of furnishing a kitchen to that of having it in modular style by its advantages. Let’s look at some of the positive as well as the negative side of getting a modular kitchen done. Pros • By getting a modular kitchen done one can have clutter free space making it more feasible to work and move around. • One of the biggest advantages is that in case you are shifting the house this kitchen can be easily dissembled, taken over to new house and fixed in the new kitchen. • With each and every part of the kitchen mobile, cleaning of the entire kitchen becomes very convenient. • The maintenance of the kitchen components and the repairing can be done easily. • Modular kitchen are much more appealing in looks factor than the kitchen which are made in traditional ways with the help of local

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