Task 1: Monitor Informal Customer Feedback

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Task 1: Monitor:
1. Monitor Informal Customer Feedback
Monitoring customer feedback can be done through several mechanisms including written and oral satisfaction surveys, online comments and reviewing your bottom line.
Customer feedback can be monitored through several methods including oral or written surveys or comments or reviews. Other methods of monitoring customer Feedbacks can be:
Social listening:
In this, monitoring team looks into the ways customers discuss their brands or products, and make note of the positive and negative commentary on social media including company Facebook page, Twitter account, or customer-review sections on of e-commerce website of company.
Other method that the organization use to monitor customer
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To evaluate this situation, employee feedback helps a lot. With employee feedbacks an organization can evaluate 50% reasons of employee turnovers. Other reason of high employee turnover can be inadequate working environment in the organization. The employees may not feel comfortable working in the work conditions they are currently made to work in. This also forces them to leave the organization in search of better environment. Therefore, organization work conditions can also be evaluated to evaluate employee turnovers. Organization policies are also responsible for employee turnovers. Sometimes the organization policies forces employees to perform task which they find ethically unconformable to perform. But since the policies required them to do so, they are doing. Thus organization policies are also evaluated as a possible cause of employees leaving the organization.
If an employee feels that he/she is currently working in a dead-end proposition where he/she is not getting right opportunities or the current roles are not making best use of their potentials. Then they also leave. Therefore, evaluation of the roles and responsibilities are also helpful in evaluating turnover
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