Advantages Of Motorcycle In The Philippines

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Businesses nowadays play asignificant role in the country, and it served as the suppliers of goods and services to its clients. Businesses do offer various products and services to fulfil the needs and want of its clients. Attracting customers to some industry needs to have fundamental business management and of best and reliable services. Customers are very picky about choosing what the best for them and that make them feel more comfortable in buying stuff that are suitable for their needs in homes, kitchens, outfits, furniture and even automobiles. Apparently, the presence of industries like manufacturing, servicing, and trading businesses isfeasible in the market today. In matters of automobiles industries, external offices of very well-known automobile manufacturers are present in the country. Meanwhile, traffics are common and very viable in the country. The mode of transportations in the Philippines came from public vehicles such as trains, buses, jeep, and vans. Meanwhile,…show more content…
It is designed for different purposes particularly in commuting in long distance travel and off-road riding and the reason why riding motorcycle in the Philippines is very familiar nowadays. Owning a motorcycle is a bit challenging for it requires time, money and endeavor to learn to ride with the motor vehicles. It needs time and effort for it requires a driver’s license in driving a motorcycle and needs to undergo driving lessons to master the technique in driving sessions. It also needs money since motorbikes are bit costly. It’s because there are no local motorcycle manufacturers present in the country. Moreover, motorcycles are imported coming from different countries like Japan, China, and Indonesia. According to a motorcycle safety group, the only problem with riding a motorcycle today is that the number of fatalities in motorcycle-related accidents has been increasing and is the highest for the past five

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