Advantages Of Moving To A Small Town

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Moving From a Small Town to a Big City Have you ever moved from a small town to a big town? How was the experience? My experience was fantastic. I grew up in a small town, and a time reached where I was to move in a big city. Initially, I thought life was going to be challenging and difficult, but that was never the case, I loved being in a big city, it was full of life, and many opportunities. Moving in a big city from a small town has a huge impact on a person’s life. Life in a big city is very much different from the life in a small town. Nowadays, people move from small towns to big cities to push their dreams. People move to big cities to find better employment and education opportunities, live a comfortable life, and to get access to…show more content…
The education facilities and the Universities in the big cities are high-tech and they provide the best education for young people. People living in big cities are able to access advanced education compared to those living in a small town; therefore, it is beneficial to move in a big city from a small town. Moving in a big town gives one a chance to access modern education institutions that are equipped with modern facilities and excellent teachers. Moving in a big city is beneficial to everyone. Travelling is more convenient compared to a small town. Accessing transport is easy because, public transport is well developed making travelling more convenient. In addition, this makes going to work easier compared to a small town where getting transport to work is hectic. The transport system is convenient compared to the transport system in a small town. The transport system in the big city is efficient and easily accessible compared to small towns, however, in the big city; there is heavy traffic and expensive parking…show more content…
However, every person has his/her preference as some people prefer living in a small town, while others prefer to live in big cities. Each of the environments has its benefit and detriment depending on a person’s experience. Change can be very difficult, especially when one has to give up everything they are used to, in order to move to a new place. However, moving to a big city from a small town is beneficial to everyone. A big city has great opportunities ranging from employment, education, to good medical facilities. Many people always have a thought that big cities are dirty, very noisy and unsafe, but my experience in the big city gave me a different idea. Big cities are the best place to find great opportunities compared to small towns, moreover, they are the safest place to live because of the tight security. Therefore, as much as I respect people’s point of view about the big cities, my experience gave me a different point of view, I enjoy the diversity of the big city. Living in a big city has more opportunities and is convenient compared to a small town; however, we have to choose depending on our
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