Benefits Of Multiteaming

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Mónica Nicole Rollano Simon
MGT 345
Professor Dixon
The Overcommitted Organization
By Mark Mortensen and Heidi K. Gardner
Firms nowadays have implemented Multiteaming, where different projects and teams are assigned to an individual. Projects and team membership have become complex in today’s modern organizations. Mark Mostensen and Heidi K. Gardner state that multiteaming is having people assigned to multiple projects simultaneously, allowing groups to share individuals’ time, knowledge and brainpower across different project teams. Given the significant benefits of multiteaming, it has become a way of organizational life, especially with today´s knowledge workers.
A survey conducted to more than 500 managers in different companies,
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First, the leader should engineer personal interactions, for this the leader should formally launching the team in person so, especially if members open up about their own development goals, they will form a strong bounding and…show more content…
Together, organizational and team leaders can make the most of that trend by creating an environment where multiteamers will thrive. Some of this involves managing interdependence risks, articulating and navigating groups’ competing priorities, and removing obstacles to strategic coordination across groups.”(
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The article talks about how leaders and managers should manage the common approach of multiteaming. It is important to look for the best fit for team goals and make everyone comfortable like the Social identity theory states, that is when and why individuals consider themselves members of a group (Judge).
Members in an organization are more satisfied if the culture suits them and if team members can tolerate each other it increases efficiency. Diversity in the team can lead to healthier discussion and different perspectives to achieve the goal. By multiteaming, members give different perspectives to the team that they could have driven from their other projects and other team members, this increases the diversity of thoughts in the team. Nonetheless, it is very important to face the challenges raised by multiteaming, especially those related to the psychological impact on

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