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Lemon and Herb, or Peri-Peri chicken sir … ?

Where would you expect to hear these choices ? The Peri-Peri option should no doubt lead you to the obvious answer : Nando’s. Nando’s restaurant is amongst one of the longest-lasting and most successful South African fast food chains ever recorded, and is relatively unrivaled when it comes to good-tasting, quality chicken products and customer service.

Nando’s culinary adventure started in 1987, when two friends, Robert Brozin and Fernando Duarte - who emigrated to South Africa from Porto, Portugal with his family, came across an authentic Portuguese flame-grilled restaurant south of Johannesburg in Rosettenville, namely Chickenland. The restaurant started up in the days when many of the Mozambique-Portuguese
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In South Africa, it can be difficult to run any company due to present recurring challenges such as resource constraints as well as economic and political uncertainty. Such factors cause consumers to be rather conservative when spending money during such times. Nando’s, being a fast food restaurant, is people-reliant, thus the success and income of the business relies mainly on the consumers. During the recession, the level of business that every fast food franchise received, including Nando’s, dropped significantly as consumers were unable to afford the luxury of eating out. There was also an increase in the sale of franchises as franchisees were unable to maintain the finances of owning the franchises. Nando’s approached and dealt with the situations by offering promotions and deals whereby their products would have been temporarily cheaper in order to attract customers and accommodate their financial difficulties. In order to maintain the amount franchises open, Nando’s dropped the franchise fees as well as their establishment costs and initial working capital in order to generate some profit. Over the past few years, many large international fast food brands have entered the local market in which Nando’s is situated, which poses a threat to the success and overall consumer base and so profit margin of the business. Nando’s has managed to rise and stay above the competition by…show more content…
In 1992, Nando’s opened their first UK branch in Ealing Common, where the Enthoven family bought the franchise. Nando’s was recognized as an Investor In People, (the standard for people management which defines what it takes to lead, support and manage people well in order to achieve sustainable results) in 1997. In 2003, Nando’s started a South African Art collection to give new artists the chance to display their work. There are currently over 5000 art pieces worldwide. Three Stars were awarded to Nando’s in the Best Companies Annual Accreditation Awards in 2009, becoming the only entrant in the large companies’ category to achieve 3 stars. Nando’s was voted as Sunday Times top 25 best companies to work for in the UK in 2010, as well as named one of the world’s top 30 marketing brands by Advertising Age magazine.

As of today, Nando’s is still one of the leading brands of the fast-food industry, maintaining their 5 core values and principles as well as their quality of food and service. As a South African franchise, Nando’s can be regarded as one of the most successful brands both locally and

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