Advantages Of Nescafe

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1.0 Introduction In this digital world, internet has become more and more essential for us as a human being living in this world. Our live is surrounded by the digital and internet. So, it is essential for us to get ourselves in this digital world. As the business has getting more competitive, it is important for the marketer be aware of the importance of internet marketing. In contrast with the traditional marketing, internet marketing can reach more audience and the cost is relatively lower. A company can build a campaign in the way of using internet marketing to promote their brand or product to gain the attention of the consumers. A successful campaign can definitely bring up the sales and create awareness of the brand. Nescafe, an instant coffee that produced in 1938 has create a campaign namely ‘Really friend?’ to connect the brand with their customer and the campaign was very successful.
2.0 Objective of the campaign
i. Modernizing and upgrading the brand image of 'real coffee' to connect
Nescafe found itself appearing old-fashioned. So Nescafe wants to modernize the brand, create social ties and to offer a truly engaging experience for their loyal customers. Nescafe uses
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There was an immediate buzz online created.And within a few days, the first online videos reached 500,000 views. When Nescafe asked Arnaud to befriend a famous bloggers on Facebook and Arnaud surprised the blogger in their home, it sparked an intense social debate in France. The Nescafe Facebook Page became an instant hit and central chat point about the virtual friendship topic and had an over 400% increase in Facebook fans. Besides, Nescafé created a huge discussion in France, which are over 600 posts during the first week. It also has been parodied in a famous comic TV show in Frence, "Les Guignols de l’Info” on Canal+. Consequently, Nescafe has plenty of earned media
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