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Currently, the product scope that Milo consist of including Milo Powder, Milo 3 IN 1, Milo Cereal, Milo Less Sweet, Milo Nutri G™, Milo Cans and Milo UHT. Yet, to make it have more competitive advantage over their competitors, Milo can make their products more variety by adding new flavor in which they can introduce Neslo to the market which suitable for all age of consumers. Neslo is a new flavor of Milo product by combining the Nescafe flavor with the original Milo. This can be done by making it in 3 in 1 packaging and in cans. It is available now in kopitiams and mamak stalls as people make it as a milo receipt to make it more innovative by adding Nescafe into the milo with ice-cream float on it by their own and it gains popularity by a…show more content…
The promotion tools being used by Milo to advertise their products are those traditional mass media such as television, radio, newspaper, magazine and internet. On the other hand, Milo also engaged in public relations in their effort to promote the products by organizing some sports events as Nestle Milo is well known for their commitment and sponsorship efforts for any sport events in Malaysia especially for any primary and secondary school. Milo sponsors almost all type of sport event and Nestle also collaborate with Ministry of Sports and Youth in order to organize national and international sport event. They normally open a booth in every event they sponsored and giving out free Milo drinks. It is really effective since it can instill relationship between product and consumers. Other effective promotion strategies that constantly used by Milo including Free Raya Cards for any 6 cans purchase, buy Milo 1kg free 1 Juara Cup, buy Milo 400g free 50g and free 1 Milo sporty tumbler with every purchase of Milo 1kg pack. The strategies are very successful in sustaining loyal customers where they normally will buy in large quantity when Milo offers such kind of promotion. Others than the promotion strategies used by Milo currently and previously, there are a few new strategies that can be employed by Milo. When Milo first launching their new product such as Neslo, they can set a relatively lower price for the product in a limited period in order to attract the consumers to try the new product. For example, Neslo cans can be sold with only RM1 in every retail shops during the first month of its introduction stage and the advertisement to inform people about the promotion can be done through social network, poster and buzz marketing. On the other hand, Milo can come out with their own mascots to make their brand more impressed by the

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