Advantages Of New Mass Media

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Argument 3: New mass media and media technologies do not make traditional media obsolete since mass media can adapt to the new environment easily by adjusting and diversifying the content. It is true that the new mass media and media technologies can significantly influence the society and bring new changes on how people use these media. However, it does not mean that the traditional media will be wiped out by the new arrivals under keen competitions. Instead, the old media can modify and adjust to adapt themselves to the new environment, with their own unique characteristics and target audiences. One of the best examples to illustrate the whole idea would be the rise of television in the US and how other media industries responded in the…show more content…
Later the scholars pointed out that the cost of owning a computer drops substantially, and the computers will process much faster. This implies that the new mass media are spreading everywhere, and the cost of using them with the aid of internet will be essentially zero. People can access to information easier, whatever uploaded onto the cloud will be accessible immediately around the world. Therefore, the new mass media become an untraceable way of publishing news, which are the cons towards new mass media, and why they cannot wipe out the existence of old…show more content…
Take MERS as an example, it is a fatal disease that resulted in 12.3% of deaths among 162 suspected patients in Korea at 17th June 2015. Soon in Taiwan, there were rumors of having MERS patients in Taiwan after a Korean airline landed on the airport. However, it was later clarified by the government that MERS was not discovered in Taiwan. This led to the fear of citizens and it was just one of the

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