Advantages Of New Media

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Conveniency It cannot be denied that new media provide better efficiency and convenience than the old media. Somehow, the presence of new media had caused many audiences to rely on electronic gadgets that can access to the Internet. Because of that, the audience can easily watch movies or film at anytime and anywhere they want from laptop, desktop or handheld devices like smartphone or iPad. For example, a potential audience can watch a movie on YouTube from his smartphone while having a lunch at a restaurant that provided free access to Wi-Fi. These online movie like YouTube, FMovie.Co are very convenient as the audiences can simply pause, replay or rewind when watching them. Besides that, audiences are also given some options to choose in accordance to their preference. They could have purchased On-Demand (the pay-per-view offer) or just streaming the movie on free website like YouTube and they can replay it over and over again. The ease of video watching can be seen from the 2 billion views daily based on YouTube statistics. (Website Monitoring, 2010). With the presence of such flexibilities, more audiences prefer to watch online movies instead of theatrical ones. On the other side, cinemas offer newer facilities and a luxury experience in order to survive in the competition with the online movies. We can see now that cinemas also made changes with development of technologies in this current era by providing online tickets, in Malaysia, cinema operator, Golden
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