Advantages Of Non Renewable Energy

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Non Renewable Source of Energy:
The non renewable source of energy is the energy which cannot be reused once it is exhausted. As it can’t be replenished, these resources should be used judiciously. So instead of using such kind of energy, it is better to use renewable source of energy, preferably solar energy as it is available in abundance and none can own it. E.g. coal and fossil fuels which is discussed in this paper.
Fossil fuels (Petroleum products):
This is the most familiar source of energy used by each and every one of us in our daily lives. These are formed as a result of dead and decaying matter buried deep in the earth crust over a period of millions and trillions of years. The very important aspect of this energy is that it has plenty of carbon content. Excessive use of this energy leads to the shortage of it in the near future. As a result we can see a tremendous increase in the price of fuels mainly petrol and diesel.
Disadvantages of conventional energy:
 Once exhausted it cannot be replenished.
 It produces green house effect and hence cause environment pollution.
 It leads to global warming.
 The rise in sea level is a major cause.
Renewable energy:
This is the everlasting, evergreen and will never deplete how much ever we use as it is found enormous in nature. This is also known as non-conventional energy as the name itself suggests, it is not used traditionally or conventionally used over the years. These energy resources will be replenished or
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