Advantages Of Nuclear Energy

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1. Introduction The generation of electricity and the methods thereof have been debated over the years. Each method brings with its own environmental and financial implications. These implications are even more important in this day and age due to the global warming situation as well as the constant fluctuations in the stock market. The introduction of nuclear energy on a larger scale could be the answer to the globe’s electricity needs. This could reduce the use of fossil fuels as well as generate a sizeable amount of electricity. This report looks at different methods of generating electricity and takes an in-depth look at nuclear energy, the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the sustainability thereof. 2. Other sources that generate electricity 2.1 Coal • Coal is currently the largest generator of electricity globally, producing approximately 36% of the world’s electricity. Using coal as means of generating electricity is the cheapest but also has problems of its own since it’s also a huge contributor to pollution. The production of coal starts by coal being made into large mills and then being blown into boilers (large kettles). The high temperatures in the…show more content…
Advantages and disadvantages of using nuclear energy Advantages a. The amount of electricity generated in a nuclear power station as the same as the amount generated in a fossil fuelled power station. b. Nuclear power stations don’t burn any fossil fuels to produce electricity and therefore, don’t produce harmful pollutants. c. Many countries don’t have to rely on getting oil from the Middle East, which is politically unstable. d. Nuclear reactors can be manufactured to power submarines and ships. This can extend beyond military vessels, which will then radically decrease the amount of pollution and will consequently have a positive impact on climate change. e. The cost of the nuclear fuel used to generate electricity is only 20% of the cost of the electricity generated

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