Advantages Of Online Learning

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Online learning is taking control of education in both public and private schools worldwide, spreading from the desktops at school to living room couches at home. Online courses are defined to be a class in which at least 80 percent of the lesson is delivered online, while face-to-face learning is defined as a class with no online content to 29 percent of the lesson being delivered online. These courses are meant to provide lessons on a mobile device or web browser, and to be accessed anytime conveniently, providing flexibility to users. Online learning might possibly be growing into the ideal way of learning compared to face-to-face learning. A wider variety of classes can be offered to the budget deficit and smaller schools through online classes, the classes offer a convenient and flexible learning environment, giving more attention to each individual student. One of the advantages of online learning is that more classes can be offered at smaller or budget deficit schools. With it schools are not required to pay as many teachers and faculty members because they are either paying for several courses at once, it is a nonprofit class, or the class does not require a teacher. According to The New York Times article “Rise in Online Classes Flares Debate About Quality.” by Trip Gabriel “Reza Namin who is the superintendent of schools in Westbrook, Me., stated that the schools face a $6.5 million budget deficit. He could not justify continuing to pay a Chinese-language teacher

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