Advantages Of Online Schooling

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Have School Your Way
Imagine waking up 10 am on Tuesday. Unlike other high school kids, you get to sleep in and do school whenever you want because you go to online school. Online schooling is virtual classes you take at home. You can take them anytime you want as long as you meet the deadline. It could even result in you getting a better education. Online schooling is better than public schooling. It’ll get you the education you, want when you want.
With Online Schooling you could learn better or get a higher education than if you were to go to public schooling. “77% of educators believe that online learning is just as good as traditional learning, if not better” (Online Classes). Most teachers think students would benefit even more from being in online school than going to public school. As well as some students personally learn better this way. “Nearly 70% of all students claim online instructions to be as good or better than in a traditional classroom or setting” (Online Classes). Students believe that online schooling has better or even just as good instruction as a online school, so why not take these classes in the comfort of your own home.Plus if you had the option to better your education, wouldn’t you?
The flexibility of online schooling is the most convenient way of schooling. Online schooling has so many time advantages to it. For example when we have our snow days that is one whole day we could have spent learning but it has now been wasted. Or the time it

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