Orthopedic Surgeons Essay

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People think that when they break their leg, they always have to go get an x-ray first, but if it happens right away, then a suggestion is they can go to an orthopedic surgeon for a speedy recovery and a successful outcome. Orthopedic surgeons are helpful in many ways. They repair bones and joints in the musculoskeletal system, when there’s fractures, sprains, diseases, cancerous tumors, etc. They can also focus on a specific part of the body, like: spine, hand, leg, etc. They also treat people of all ages except for very young children. They serve anyone, with any kinds of needs. Although orthopedic surgeons need to have fair relations with patients, exceptional working skills with their surroundings, they also need to be fast in processing…show more content…
They need to solve problems and think ahead. Orthopedic surgeons need to take notes that the patients explain their problems to, if a problem. 24 hours a day, a major part of the job, is communicating and problem solving. During procedures the doctors say what they have to do, in order to to the surgery right. Orthopedic surgeons take notes, prescribe medication, and they have to talk to the patients doctor for the medication. To make the patients have a helpful recovery, they might need to instruct them ahead of the process. Most of all orthopedic surgeons need to be good with large motor skills.The more surgeons the more thinking, speaking, moving, and working. People want to be in less pain, and in order to make that happen, doctors might have to instruct the patient to do. Higher ranked surgeons, like a head of a surgical group, can manage the lower ranked surgeon. Without doing surgery, they can also just give the patients instructions to take a certain amount of medication, or certain amount of exercise, so people don’t get hurt. Doctors might have to make the patient run everyday, if her/his leg doesn’t want to come off. Surgeons might tell them to stay in bed, or put ice on the
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