Compare And Contrast Presidential And Parliamentary Government

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Semi-presidential Parliamentary Presidential Beside its democracy like both of the presidential and parliamentary . the semi presidential similar to the parliamentary in the direct choose of the president . and similar to the presidential one with having the check and balance . It's under the democracy system , and also have a specific rules to follow which is the constitution . there is a head of the state and they don't have the ability to decelerate the war . and the way of governed is from bicameral . Similarities There is tow head executive for the country , and the government chosen from the head of the state and the prime minster . The direct choose of the prime minster , the head of the state or can say the leader of the group…show more content…
that the prime minster don’t have the fixed position as the head of the state . The chosen group don’t choose the head of the government like they chose the prime minster . there is no check and balance and that because there is no one person the parliamentary depend on . it can fall down anytime because it's not settled and stabled in addition , there is no separation of power which lead to the unfairness and ignore the others . one of the things also may lead to the imposition from the groups is the un specific time for the vote . The full power for one person which may lead obsession . the president being in the light and in the center and show the full power will let the people feel like they lost the democracy and the ability in making the decision . the point that the president stay in his position for a stabled time mentioned as a good thing but it may be a weakness when the president become not good and the people want to change him , but they can't till the time of his presidency end . and the president even that he has the power but he can't decelerate the war.

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