Advantages Of Peer Pressure

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Recently, there has been a spate of interest in which peer pressure has affected the society greatly. As humans are sociable beings, we need to be with others, which is why peer pressure works so effectively. In its essence, the term peer pressure refers to being socially pressured to be acceptable in the eyes of those around them. It is important to discuss this topic because peer pressure is not necessarily negative as what some may perceive it to be. This essay will now focus on how peer pressure will benefit your health and social life, followed by broadening horizons and diversifying views. Lastly, we will talk about the exposure of peer pressure to teenagers. Peer pressure does not affect individual performances but helps improve…show more content…
The introduction of numerous people throughout the walks of life has led to multiple people with similar opinions. This can be an eye-opener as it helps one to learn what is right and wrong from those around them. For example, being part of bigger groups can expose teenagers to human behaviour diversity. It makes them reflect on their own behavior and let them know where to stand. With positive peer pressuring, teenagers can potentially get more mature and acquire the ability of taking informed decision. Research done by U-M Institute of Social Research has shown that 75 percent said that all or almost all of their friends were planning to attend college. The percentages of eighth-graders who reported similar feelings of support from friends about school achievements were similar in numbers. In conclusion, peer pressure has led to a change in the way teenagers initially view the world. This in turn causes a positive change in their behaviours. Adolescents have a healthier sense of the meaning of friendships, they have an alternative other than peers to whom they can turn to and they are freed from any unrealistic expectations That they themselves can’t understand. ("Psychology Essays - Peer Adolescents Development") Therefore, peer pressure would help to broaden the horizons and diversify their…show more content…
From my research, it is clear that peer pressure is more beneficial and is definitely important in the upbringing and growing of an individual as seen from The Positive Effects of Peer Pressure". Generation Rush, “Psychology Essays - Peer Adolescents Development” UKEssays and “The extreme and extent of peer pressure among high school students” by Brown B. Bradford. However, my research sides and focuses on the positive sides of peer pressure rather than the negative as adding on the negative would only nullify my stand on the positives of peer pressure. In my opinion, peer pressure is important as it is a potential determining factor of our future for what we view the world or be influenced by. Peer pressure has the has the potential to guide the teenagers on how to become a better person. To end off, I strongly recommend teenagers to encourage their friends with positive peer pressure to make them a better person in life and to not be easily influenced by

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