Advantages Of Personal Selling In Marketing

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Promotion is a part of marketing mix. This aims at providing information to the consumer about the product and create awareness about the product or the brand. The main objective of promotion is to provide information to the consumers, to increase the demand for the product and to differentiate the product. Promoters use different areas of media to promote their product like special events, internet advertisement, endorsements, newspaper, etc.

Promotion mix
There are four elements in marketing mix, they are advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and publicity.

Advertising-: advertising is a non personal paid form of communication about an organization. It is generally done to approach large number of people. Product services
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It is a form of person to person communication. In which the salesman persuades the buyer or customer to purchase the product, idea or service. There is lot of flexibility in this dorm of communication, the sales person or the seller can observe the reaction of the buyer and can change the conversation according to their need or situation. Advantages of personal selling -:
1) There is lot of communication taking place between the buyer and the seller which helps the seller to understand the needs of the customer
2) It is very useful for selling products which are complex in nature and requires to give detailed information and explaination.
Sales promotion
Sales promotion is that kind of marketing activity which provides an extra incentives or value to other promotional activity. There are two types of sales promotion Consumer oriented sales promotion -: this is generally done to promote products and services to the ultimate users like giving coupons, sample of the product, premium, discount, rebate, etc. This type of stimulates ultimate
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Coca cola spends heavy amount of investment in advertising since there is heavy competition and it has to go for aggressive advertising and reach mass number of people. Coca cola has used mainly electronic media and print media, in India we have seen coca cola posters or paintings on walls of bus stand and dhabas . They use many catchy and memorable slogans like Thanda matlab coca cola, coca cola piyo sir utha ke…!!. Coca cola have planned their advertising strategy very well before making the advertising message it focuses on the factor that it should gain customers attention and create some impact on customers
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