Advantages Of Personality Testing

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1. "Personality tests are a great way to select new employees because personality can predict performance on the job." Discuss. Personality testing (PAT) is frequently used by most big firms in order to evaluate the strengths of applications. However, is this really a good way to select new employees? Is it predictive of performance on the job? It is also important to consider whether "a great way to select employees" implies PAT is a better than other measures, or whether it implies PAT is generally satisfactory as a means of selection. This essay is going to discuss arguments in support and to the contrary of PAT as a measure of selection of employees. Firstly, personality testing is more stable and might be more predictive than other measures and therefore more useful. Firms are receiving increasing numbers in applications and therefore have to find predictive measures of selecting candidates that are time- and cost efficient while also being stable. Other measures of individual differences are less useful in those dimensions: Intelligence is not predictive of behaviour, knowledge is not stable, and race, gender or appearance are not predictive either (Locke, 2018). Therefore, PAT can simplify the selection process for firms while also improving fairness. Secondly, PAT can lead to a better match of prospective employees with current employees and firm values. According to surveys, better employee fit and lower turnover rates are given as the most important reason of
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