Advantages Of Photo Recognition Technology In Social Media

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Background of the study

Today advertisers actively employ social media platforms to build “positive brand relationships with young consumers by promoting advertising messages on these sites” (Okazaki, 2011). One of the key tools of efficient advertising is the mechanism of targeting that helps segment audiences by filtering the information upon which users are divided into market groups. The problem of finding new ways of targeting audiences and attracting social advertisers to media platforms is a heated topic due to the fact that more social network actors have recently joint the battle for a piece of an advertising pie budget.
For example, one of the most popular social media platforms Instagram has recently changed its strict media plan
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Pinterest is one of them. Image bookmarking site has just launched a new “Crazy-fun visual search tool” as a part of the network’s monetization plan that is designed to bring advertising to the platform in the form of promoted pins from businesses.

Since the function of image detection process has just been launched and has not been fully integrated into the marketing system, it is still not clear whether image recognition applications can prove its viability to correspond with the business needs. Thus, the focus of my study is to investigate advantages and disadvantages of photo recognition technologies in targeting audiences and attracting advertisers to social media platforms.

The purpose of my study is to assess the market potential for implementing machine vision technologies on social media platforms and to examine the efficacy of the new feature in segmenting and personalizing information for the sake of attracting both advertisers and users into social networks.

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Besides, my research is designed to enhance theoretical knowledge about innovations in the media industry together with their key components.

Apart from bridging the research gap, my study will attempt to analyze the work of innovate visual recognition applications in the sphere of marketing and targeting audiences. The study will also attempt to provide marketers with the possibility to advance understanding about the performance of photo recognition technologies and their implication to solve current business needs. The work aims to examine new image detection systems in the content of the current high competition for online ads money.


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