Advantages Of Power Based Negotiation

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Power based negotiations can be a useful tactic in negotiations. Power based negotiations are an adversarial negotiations in which both parties try to exert their power over one another. This tactic is essentially a competitive interaction. Both parties are fighting over resources, and each view the negotiation as a zero-sum game. The parties are both willing to use their power to deceive and take advantage to pursue their personal goals. One can justify the means of using power based negotiation if the results are positive. Professionals can use power based negotiations in a many different situations. Positional bargaining starts with a solution. Each party takes a stance on what they expect out of the negotiation. Opening offers are solutions posed by the parties, and acts as an anchor to focus the parties. Counteroffers are a response to the first offer. The tit for tat methods states parties respond to the opposing party the same. Power based negotiations does have its benefits, but it’s not without faults. Communication can be impacted, and produce a negative effect. By using power based negotiations, the parties take a critical risk of impacting the relationship. The use of power based negotiation can foster mistrust and anger. The parties view each other as adversaries, and can withhold information that may hinder the negotiation. One of the major downsize of power based negotiations is that the parties may lose sight of the real issue. Personal Application As a
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