Preschool Education Approach Essay

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1.0 Introduction According to the National Preschool Curriculum (2003), Preschool defined as preparation before primary education primary school level. Experience of schooling and effective learning, meaningful and satisfying can supply them with the skills, confidence and a positive attitude in preparation for formal schooling and lifelong education. According to Mohd Rohaty Majzub (2003), preschool education is critical years and the basis for the next educational level and determine the success of an individual's life. Preschool education is very important to children among 4 to 6 years because it is a bridge to children from home to school, which will proceed to formal education. In addition, an important early experience will be acquired…show more content…
In fact, regardless of background, children, religion, physical, intellectual and mental children. With this opportunity, it can realize the educational goals through learning level appropriate to the child's development in order to stimulate the minds of children, build a positive attitude and good character and focuses on child development in a holistic and integrated . 2.0 Types of Approaches and Techniques of Teaching According to Parera (1986), the approach is a philosophical background or views on key ideas to be debated and is one axiom that the generally accepted explanation and hope to be a description. Further, the approach is a group of interrelated assumptions about the nature of language, the nature of language teaching and language learning nature (Kamarudin Hj.Husin, 1988). "Playing and learning" is an overall concept that is applied in the approach to teaching preschool teacher. It means teaching delivered informally by inserting the elements of the game that led learning. Children play and at the same time they benefit from learning the results of the game in accordance with the instincts of children in terms of their nature play is how they learn (Bustam Banzul 2004; Putri Zabariah…show more content…
According to Edward M.Anthony, is a deception techniques or strategies, tactics used by teachers to achieve immediate results in the maximum teaching time a certain opening lap. Mechanical control is an organization that is happening in the classroom where he used to achieve an object (Hj Kamaruddin. Husin & Siti Hajar Hj. Abdul Aziz). Teaching techniques is one initiative or means used by teachers to achieve immediate results while delivering a maximum of teaching. Technique invented and determined before the implementation of teaching. Each of the techniques used are consistent with the method used and is in line with the approach held. Teaching techniques may also be referred to as a tool used by teachers to deliver teaching materials that have been selected for their students. Continuous with the approach used, the selection of problem-solving techniques can help to achieve the teaching content standards adopted by the
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