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What is the procedure during pretrial in a criminal defense?
Your criminal defense starts long before your trial. In some instances, a sound defense starts even prior to you getting arrested or charged with a criminal offense. At Brandon Legal Group, we recommend that clients consult with attorneys at our practice if they think they are under investigation for criminal charges in an effort to start safeguarding their legal rights in the early stages in the process.
Even though consulting an attorney earlier is wiser, we are also experienced in safeguarding you once you have been arrested too.
Advantages of the Pretrial Intervention Program
We are all human beings. Some people are more intelligent than others, there is, however, no question
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The judge, as well as lawyers for each side, take part in a procedure referred to as voir dire, which basically entails questioning every potential juror to make sure they are free from bias as it relates to the case. Individuals are relieved from jury duty until 6 of them are left - the selected jury of your peers is going to pay attention to the details of your case and make a decision.
• Trial: In a The state has the burden to prove their case in a criminal trial. The prosecution starts with an opening statement, and then the lawyer for the defense have an opening statement. Both sides then supply the proof via exhibits and testimony from witnesses. The criminal prosecution then provides a closing argument, then the closing argument from the defense

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