Advantages Of Problem Oriented Policing

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In our states, cities, towns and neighborhood the police department tries their utmost best to protect the community from destructive law offenders. Officers put their lives on the line everyday they put on their uniform and report for duty, not knowing the possible outcome at the end of their shift. However, in every community the police department has two different strategies that they can help better serve the community. Problem oriented policing also known as POP or community oriented policing also known as COP. Each of these two different strategies have their advantages and disadvantages that they bring to the community.
Problem oriented policing was founded by Professor Herman Goldstein at the University of Wisconsin in 1979 (Bullock, 2003). Problem oriented can be best described as a type of strategy officers use to help identify the causes of the problem along with developing a solution to the problem from reoccurring. By using problem oriented policing the core of policing should be about analyzing the situation first, rather than reacting to each situation one at a time. There are two different
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The advantages of community oriented policing over problem oriented policing is the public relation between the citizens and the officers. This helps reduce the fear in the community of whereas problem oriented policing, there is no little to no presence of officers until the crime has been committed. The only major disadvantage to community oriented policing is when the community involvement is minimum to no involvement. Without the help of the community COP is non effective. No matter which strategy police tries to implement in their community they have to realize that just because a certain strategy works in one neighborhood doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to work in every
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