Primary Issues In Professional Development

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ABSTRACT: Professional development generally refers to ongoing learning opportunities available to teachers and other education personnel through their schools and other means of social interaction. Productive professional development is mostly visible as vital to school success and teacher satisfaction, but it has also been maligned for its expenditure, roughly determined goals, and the lack of data on resulting teacher and school improvement that characterizes many efforts. With schools these days facing an attire of complex challenges from working with an increasingly diverse population of students, to integrating new technology in the classroom, to meeting rigorous academic standards and goals—observers continue to stress the need for teachers…show more content…
Providing More Time for Professional Development Teacher can take the following steps to make sure that time is provided for professional development: • Establish a statewide and/or regional task force on professional development that focuses on finding the time, opportunities and facilites for professional development as well as on gaining the support of the public and policymakers for professional development. • Meet with businesses, communities, and root organizations to explain school goals and the role of professional development in attaining them. Mostly, collaborations between business and schools have been established to encourage professional development, such as Hands-On Science for Grades K-5: An Industry, School, University Collaboration formed in Philadelphia. • Involve the school board, administrators, and other members as a study league. This group can review the matter that suggests a need for additional time for professional development and consider alternative ways in which that time will be used. • Discuss the elements of high-quality professional development and review descriptions and examples of professional development…show more content…
But instructors are likely to create new instructional strategies if they receive feedback and support while trying the new strategies in their classrooms. This statement suggests that teachers need regular opportunities for reflection and problem solving at the same time the students are in school. In creating time during the school days, it’s likely to miss upon needed participants. Some institutions exhibit to have all classroom teachers vacant for team planning but fail to include key support workforce. It is also important to be sensitive to the reactions of parents and help them see the value of professional development by involving them in professional development planning that is linked to improved techniques of education. Guardians should be kept notified of the professional time as it relates to their pupil’s
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