Advantages Of Programmatic Advertising

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How programmatic advertising is a better branding option for businesses than traditional advertising

In the simplest language, Programmatic is smart advertising based on automated artificial intelligence and algorithms, it’s an evident need of every smart business in the Digital Era. When competition is unexpectedly high and cash is critically limited, resource optimisation is the only key to success and survival for small businesses. Advertising the product or service on TV and mainline newspapers/magazines is not a feasible option due to a slew of concerns especially to small businesses. In the palpably transformative digital scenario, businesses require concrete marketing solutions, not the condimentary in nature. Of course, Programmatic is the right-fit to the changing marketing demands of the smart brands in the smart age.

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How programmatic advertising is a better branding option for businesses than traditional
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In contrast, due to standardised tools, advertising on traditional media just helps to increase outreach without enhancing the audience engagement and pushing them for immediate purchase. There are least chances of interacting with the wrong audience that’s often too problematic in conventional ways of advertising. But, the most striking feature of Programmatic is high ROI as it costs just 1-5 percent of advertisement cost on TV or Newspapers/Magazines. Not only cheaper, but transparent too; CPM (Cost per thousand) is the criterion of billing in Programmatic advertising, which is determined at the beginning of the campaign. Moreover, due to active involvement of predictive analysis, automated data synthesis, and robotic executions, Programmatic Advertising takes very less turnaround time which further saves the resources of

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