Advantages Of Provisional Government In Russia

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11. The provisional government in Russia introduced many liberal reforms which included equality before the law for all Russians, freedom of speech, religion, and assembly, the right to have unions and strikes, amnesty for political prisoners, elections for local government officials, and the reduction of the work day to eight hours. However, they did not want to completely hold a social revolution in which they would confiscate land and give it to the peasants. The provisional government established a dual government that was made up of Democrats and liberals with Alexander Kerensky as the leader. They continued the war. The Petrograd Soviet was the soldiers that became in control of the army after the provisional government took power that…show more content…
The French Revolution and the Russian Revolution was similar in that the peasants were starving because of the economic hardship, partially due to a lack of industrialization, that the country was going through so they demanded the government should do something about it. Just as the women marched on Versailles because of the bread shortages, women in Russia protested for that reason as well. Towards the end of the provisional government, Russia erupted into a small period of anarchy before Lenin and Trotsky stepped in to stop it. During that time, peasants were taking land from lords just as what was done during the Great Fear of the French Revolution. Both the governments of the French Revolution and the provisional government in France, had neglected to solve one of the most significant problems which was that the people were starving, leading to one of the main reasons for a failure in the government. Both the French and Russian Revolutions had radical wings that got in the way of the original purpose of the Revolution. The Petrograd Soviet’s radical reforms angered the people just as the radical Mountain angered the people. Additionally, the failure of the original revolutions called for one person to stand up and overthrow the preexisting government to establish a new one. In the case of France, Napoleon staged a coup which eventually led to him crowning himself emperor and maybe in even some ways acting as a dictator. In Russia, Lenin had to step up with Trotsky’s help to overthrow the provisional government and establish his dictatorial socialist government. Both went to the extreme in killing those that were not supportive of their cause, like during the Reign of Terror, and the killing of the whites by the Cheka. However, they were different in that the Russian Revolution was successful in achieving its goal after the failure at the first attempt with the provisional government, but the French Revolution was an overall failure. The Russian Revolution
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