Advantages Of Psychometric Testing

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The skills measured by psychometric tests can be related to real world tasks and jobs, as many require some degree of dexterity specifically with words and numbers. I attempted two of these psychometric tests and in this account; I will be providing a retrospective viewpoint of my experience in undertaking these. I will also provide a brief summary of how I could improve my performance further. Additionally, I will be referring to a psychometric theory to consider the advantages and disadvantages of using these types of tests when recruiting.

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Psychometric testing, “refers to the process of measuring a candidate 's relevant strengths and weaknesses… it is a form of measurement that is used primarily to assess employment
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Psychometric testing is a type of psychological testing that is designed to test personality traits, general intelligence, and aptitude. However, these tests are often unregulated; and there are no rules about the appropriate application and analysis of the test and results, it is highly regarded that if the test are administered and evaluated by specialists, the results can be considered valid. However, there is no way for candidates to tell whether or not they are receiving an impartial…show more content…
The key purpose of Classical Test Theory within psychometric testing is to develop the reliability and the validity of psychometric tests and assessment; this is measured through the performance of the candidate taking the test and the difficulty level of the questions or tasks. Reliability is calculated through the individual’s score on the test and the amount of errors in the test itself and together these give an indication of what the candidate’s true score would have been without the errors in the test measurements. Errors can occur through mistakes within the process of testing, however the ones that I feel are more significant are the external ones such as being tired; the tests were done at five o’clock in the evening and as someone who focuses better in the morning, I felt as though this was a defining factor as to why my performance was below average especially in the maths exam. It is for this reason that I agree with the classic test theory as I also do not agree with the validity of these tests especially when applying for jobs as if the candidate makes clear that they have for example, the required maths grade for the job role, then is doing a numerical test really necessary?

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