Advantages Of Public Transport

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Land public transport services are challenging to promote objectives of affordability fares and good service quality. The policy aims to provide public transport service which is bus transport that offer affordable fares that it will not become burden to passenger. According to Robin Carruthers, Malise Dick and Anuja Saurtar, "Affordability” refers to the extent to which the financial cost of journeys put an individual or household in the position of having to make sacrifices to travel or the extent to which they can afford to travel when they want to. The quality and price of transport can effect affordability. This policy tends to provide co-benefit and can maximize overall benefits. Affordability bus transport fares required the passenger spend less than 20% of their total budget on transportation. Growing distances increased costs on their already limited budget for many low income families. The less expensive on transportation make easier for low and medium income people to meet their monthly expenses. Affordable transport fares responsible for increased passenger socialization, this makes passenger well accessed to work, health centers and services. Families or individuals who have limited…show more content…
Thirty-seven people were killed in Petaling Jaya. Malaysia can be considered as the worst road tragedy. The accident is about a bus carrying about 53 plunges. The bus went into a ravine near 60m Genting Highlands.24 and 13 women, including the dead and while 16 people were injured in the incident. According to the Fire and Rescue Department deputy director-general Datuk Soiman Jahid, it is believed that the driver lost control of the bus, which then crashed into a divider before plunging down a ravine. Some passengers thrown from the bus when the accident occurred. According to police, more than half of the passengers on the bus were foreigners, from China, Bangladesh and Thailand. The bus was also overloaded as its capacity is 44 passengers,
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