The Importance Of Punching And Speed Bags

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-What is a punching/speed bag?
A punching bag is a large, heavy, cylindrical bag usually weighing from 35 to 200 pounds. They are filled with sand or cotton fiber and made of leather, vinyl, or canvas. Punching bags are used to provide realistic resistance to punches and kicks so you can tell how much harder you need to hit. A speed bag is like a punching bag, only it is much smaller and tear drop shaped. Speed bags are used mostly to practice and improve reflexes and timing. They are mounted hanging from the ceiling and are filled with air.
Punching bags were first used in Ancient Greece, known as “Korykos,” meaning “a large ball filled with sand or grain.” They were used to train for the Palaestra, or Greek wrestling school. A punching bag can be seen in the middle of this
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Speed bags have been used since the late 1800’s.
-What parts of the body are these bags focused on?
Punching and speed bags are used to strengthen your arm and shoulder muscles when you punch. They improve your leg muscles while you practice your stance while punching, and work out your heart and core muscles when you start getting tired. Speed bags also focus on your hand-eye coordination, timing, and reducing your flinch when you practice consistently hitting the bag.
-What are some benefits of using punching/speed bags?
Some benefits include better strength and mood. If you work on your form for boxing, you can improve your balance and reaction times. And if you spend extended amounts of time with the bags, you can increase your heart strength.

1. Low kick, right leg. You kick the lower half of the punching bag for 5 seconds. Pivot on your support foot and turn your hip over as you deliver the kick, to maximize power. If you do this successfully, this demonstrates your ability to aim for your opponent’s leg in the boxing ring. Works on balance and strengthens your

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