Advantages Of Qualitative Research

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There are two kinds of research methods through which learner gather different types of information. These two research methods are qualitative and quantitative method. Qualitative method is subjective and it has lower number of respondents. Respondents are not randomly selected for this method. There is a specific number through which they collect data. The purpose of qualitative method is to know the different opinions and experiences of an individual, to know about their own thought and feelings on a particular topic in complexity as well as to understand the social relations and then understand them with reference to your detailed understanding. The tools used in qualitative method are observation, in depth interviews and through open ended…show more content…
Qualitative research is good if researcher wants to explain based on a research which has resulted in comprehensive explanation. This research method enables you to understand the problem, cause and somehow solutions in depth. An advantage we have for qualitative research is its flexibility as its data collection technique varies and one can make the use of best with reference to research topic. For qualitative research you always get a room to play and get work done according to need so as a plus point we don’t need control group in this research. Qualitative can be done in focused area where it becomes less time taking and cost efficient. As a best part qualitative research is more empowering because in it researcher doesn’t relie on numbers in fact study the outcomes and then make a conclusion. It’s obviously the best choice when have scarce resources and limited time. Qualitative research enables the researches with diversity of techniques and helps him to achieve desired result through various ways. Qualitative method is more…show more content…
The tools used in this research are questionnaires, interviews and surveys. Surveys are more reliable because it covers all social classes relevant. Sample size is large as compare to qualitative method and the questions include in this research are what, when and where. It is more objective as it deals with yes and no questions, the respondents don’t have to explain or give their own opinion. This method takes less time as the interviews and questionnaires are not requiring too much detail. Researchers have proper control group and comparison group to make the research impact more valid. Although its cover a wider range but as an issue it’s more costly because it includes travelling. Quantitative research is something one can bet on as it’s based on exact numbers and figures showing the differences. It includes more concerned interviews with relevant defined question which cannot be changed. Quantitative research is less empowering because it’s more based on numbers and less on researcher interpretation. In quantitative method the information only surrounds strictly with

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