Advantages Of Raising A Pet

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One thing that everyone will wish for at some point in their lives is a companion.That specific companion can be a pet . Be it a dog, cat, lizard, rabbit or even a turtle; people will want a pet that will make them very happy, to bond with, and to keep their company all the time. When they first think of the idea of raising a pet they never really contemplate the possibility of doing a bad job. People 's minds tend to be filled with the more of the happy and exciting things around the idea of raising a pet. Just like me, I was 17 years old when I got my first and only pet. My family first stumbled upon my first pet from an old man that my mother knew from the grocery store. The man had a litter of puppies that he was hoping to give away and my mother told him that we may be able to provide a home to one of them. Then when she got home she informed the whole family of the idea of having a pet dog. My sibling and I were excited about the idea of owning our very first pet and after our parents explained the responsibilities we would have to undertake, such as walking and feeding it. My siblings and I fully agreed to and told my parents that we wanted to have a pet dog. After hearing our decision our parent went out and brought back our first pet. When the small puppy first got to it new home the first order of business was to name it. Me and my two sisters decided to name the brown puppy with a little white patch on the top of her

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