Advantages Of Rational Decision Making

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Decision making is the process by which managers respond to various opportunities and threats by analyzing options and making decisions about goals and courses of action. It basically aims at identifying the problem and finding out the solution to that problem. Decision making is also crucial for running a business enterprise which faces a large number of problems requiring decisions. Today’s business environment is represented by high competition, constant changes, comprehensive globalization, large accessibility of data and information and the huge seepage of information and telecommunications technology. In this environment, decision making is increasingly based on the use and study of data, through the development of “models”, and the use…show more content…
The rational model is the first attempt to know the decision making process. It is a cognitive model in which managers use their thoughts for analyzing available alternatives and selecting the best one. It is considered by some as the classical approach to understand the decision-making process. Features of Classical Model includes Problems are clear, Objectives are clear, People agree on criteria and weights, All consequences can be anticipated, they are not biased in recognizing problems and lastly they are capable of processing ail relevant information. It helps ensure we consider the full range of factors relating to a decision, in a logical and comprehensive manner. The principle assumption of the rational decision making process is that human beings make rational decisions. However, there are numerous factors which determine our decisions, many of which are not rational. In many situations decisions have to be made with incomplete and insufficient…show more content…
Most importantly, the contingency model can make practitioners more sensitive to the variation in decision-making styles they may encounter in organizations. Implementation protocols should reflect this variation. Clearly, more research is needed to better understand how exactly content and context variables influence decision making with respect to implementation of health promotion programs. Conclusion In the present challenging world, the leadership decision making process can be complicated and overwhelming in almost all businesses. When we identify a pattern of irrational decision-making in our life, we have discovered what’s sometime is called bad habit. When we replace a pattern of irrational decision making with the rational pattern, we replace a bad habit with a good one. The replacement is at the level if action. Further decision making is situational in nature. Hence situation and problems should be evaluated and then correct approach should be adopted as mentioned

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