Advantages Of Reading Strategies

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USING READING STRATEGIES, CATEGORIES AND INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES IN DEVELOPING ENGLISH Narzikulov Sirojiddin Supervisor: Mukhammadiyeva Madinabonu UzSWLU, English faculty 3, group 115 Abstract This article discusses in detail appropriate reading styles acting as a method for special intellectual activity. This strategies have a number of advantages compared with other various ways, as it allows: improvements in the process of modern English and learning mode and methods of education; development of useful information, organizing of plans, performance of self-education; creation of a positive emotional background for young learners. The use of reading strategies creates the most favorable conditions and contributes to learn foreign languages.…show more content…
One of these important parts is reading skill. We can achieve successes in learning foreign languages by using appropriate and comfortable reading strategies. It helps us understand the main meaning of the whole texts or books and have appropriate learning methods. There are different reading methods and strategies to learn foreign languages, especially English in educational system of the world. As I said, when we use them, we have a lot of opportunities. Not only it is comfortable, but also solution for our weak sides. It is not surprising condition or event. By using reading instruction with various strategies, all of us will improve the reading abilities of, and we will begin to hear good readers say things like "We remember things which we read!" The key of problems is to be aware of reading and other strategies which can help us recognize our weak sides and choose appropriate methods for ourselves. For example: speaking of the imagination lets us to remember things well without any difficulty. At this situation we have a stronger…show more content…
Cooperative learning Comprehension monitoring is very important for learners to develop English with reading strategies. It includes categories activities can be divided into three categories, depending on when they take place: pre-reading, reading, and post-reading. The first pre-reading is gathering and determining terms of vocabulary from the text which assist students in understanding and learning by heart words that otherwise may interrupt their reading process. In addition, it helps them develop their vocabulary in an appropriate way. Learners can record special terms in a notebook, flash cards and other things. This strategy involves several processes. One example: Students or any learner should have a good attention, then they can remember words which they read before. The second category is reading. In this process, educators pay attention to students' interaction with the text by asking requests about fictional elements, having students present verbal summaries of the conspiracy, or asking them to accumulate details or write notes which they read. If students have enough understanding, they can answer these questions as they read without any difficulty. The lаst cаtegory is post-reаding. Post-reаding is аn effective strаtegy thаt cаn tаke mаny different forms

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