Advantages Of Recruitment Strategy

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Recruitment and selection became important to organisations towards the end of 1980’s (Gold, 1999) and was confirmed by Curnow (1989 p.40) who stated; “recruitment is moving to the top of the personnel professional’s agenda”. Nowadays recruitment has become an important part of the general Human Resource Management practises. Marchington and Wilkinson (1997) define the practice of recruiting and selecting people to fill in new or existing positions as a vital element of employees and development activity in all organisations, irrespective of their size, structure or orientation.
According to Hook and Foot (2008) the aims of recruitment and selection process should be;

• To obtaining a pool of suitable candidates for vacant posts.
• To using a fair process and be able to demonstrate that the process was fair.
• To ensure that all recruitment activities contribute to organisational goals and a desirable organisational image.
• To conduct recruitment activities in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

The most appropriate source of recruitment method depends on the group which the organisation wants to target (Martin and Jackson 1997).

Online Recruitment
Online recruitment refers to the formal sourcing of job information online (Galanaki 2002). According to CIPD (2009) it is essential for all organisations to have an effective recruitment strategy and there are many advantages for organisations to recruit online. Organisations may use a mix of traditional and
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