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Super structure:
Reinforced concrete has been chosen as building material for DATUM Setiawangsa project, for some reasons such as: The comprehensive strength of reinforced concrete is more as compared to other construction materials. It is good in tension and has better resistance to fire than steel, and other such construction materials. Concrete structures are easy and affordable to maintain, especially when it comes to structures like retaining walls, dams, piers and footings etc. Concrete can be cast into the desired shape making it the popular choice of developers and structural engineers. Reinforced concrete yields rigid members with minimum apparent deflection. The yield strength of reinforced concrete is way over 100 times its tensile strength.
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Cracking: The maximum clear distance between bars on the tension face is checked against the limits given in BS8110: Part 1, clause 3.12.11 and Table 3.30. Design sketch: sketches of the beam with elevation and sections are drawn to show all information for the draughtsman.

Shear wall
Shear wall is a wall that resist horizontal forces applied in the plane of the wall (Architectural and Building Trades Dictionary, 1974).
The steps in shear wall design are as follows: Minimum area of vertical reinforcement: The minimum amount of reinforcement required for a shear wall from Table 3.27 of the code expressed by the term: (100Asc) / (Acc) is 0.4;
Asc : is the area of steel in compression.
Acc: is the area of concrete in compression. Area of horizontal reinforcement The area of horizontal reinforcement in shear walls where the vertical reinforcement resists compression and does not exceed 2% is given in clause as: fy =250 N/mm2 0.3% of concrete area fy =460 N/mm2 0.25% of concrete area Provision of link if the compression reinforcement exceeds 2%, links must be provided through the wall thickness (clause

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