Advantages Of Removable Partial Denture

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Removable partial denture is consists of major connector, minor connector, rest, direct retainer, and indirect retainer. Major connector is the component part of removable partial denture that used to connect with other component part of removable partial denture such as minor connector, rest, indirect retainer. The most common of major connector of mandibular arch are lingual bar and lingual plate. Lingual bar is a half-pear shaped steel rod with thickness at inferior border of bar and flat on the tissue side. Advantage of lingual bar are make patients less annoying than others, not trap food particle, not impinge oral tissue when restoration is rotate in function and is placed or removed and not cover oral tissue so easier to cleansing…show more content…
[4] Indirect retainer is “the component of a partial removable dental prosthesis that assists the direct retainer(s) in preventing displacement of the distal extension denture base by functioning through lever action on the opposite side of the fulcrum line when the denture base moves away from the tissues in pure rotation around the fulcrum line”[2] Direct retainers are various design Reciprocation is received from element of reciprocal such as a clasp arm, a lingual plate and a minor connector supporting mesial occlsal…show more content…
denture Distal end removable partial denture can rotate in function when occlusal force is directed on the denture base. The denture will rotated in vary degree due to different displacement of its supporting structure such as periodontal ligament, mucosa covering residual ridge. The volume of rotation of distal-extension removable partial denture based on quality of the residual ridge, the type and accuracy of the impression, the accuracy of the denture base, placement of supportive, reciprocal, and retentive element to resist

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